About Us


Our mission is to deliver Spiritual Tools to humanity for their healing, empowerment and awakening.
SPIRIT AWAKENED is a worldwide outreach program of spiritual empowerment. Through classes, workshops, coaching, books, CDs, newsletters and other tools, we offer simple processes to support the awakening of the Divine Power that lives within every individual.

Our speakers, coaches, teachers and practitioners in the healing arts are trained and certified in several modalities for helping people free themselves from the past, discover the power within them and create the dynamic future they wish to live into.

As part of our mission to "deliver Spiritual Tools to humanity for the purpose of awakening and empowering the planet one shift at a time," we offer a link with the world of Spiritual Transformation by providing our visitors with information about the best that is available to you in facilitating your personal transformation.

Although we are still in the beginning stages of our development, it is our goal to make this web site a place where you can come for prayer, meditation, mini-courses, music, information about upcoming transformational events and to purchase products to support you along your journey. We also plan to host live webcasts and forums where people can connect with and discuss their journey with fellow travelers.

As you explore our web site, you will discover many life-changing opportunities for you, your family and friends.