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Are you having a difficult time right now in your life? Did you recently find yourself in a situation that was
unexpected and painful?
Has it been overwhelming trying to figure it all out? Perhaps you need my support. I am a Radical Forgiveness Coach, certified by the Institute for Radical Forgiveness .
Work with me in person, via Skype or by telephone. over a period of 4-6 sessions to discover, heal and release what has been blocking you from living fully in your power and having the life you wish to live into.
Unlike therapy, coaching begins from the premise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with youyou are perfect just as you are; however, there may be some place where you are stuck and simply require support in moving beyond those blocks that usually result from subconscioius Core Negative Beliefs. Although our Core Negative Beliefs traditionally begin during childhood, with Radical Forgiveness Coaching you are often able to forgive a current situation that is reflecting a childhood experience and facilitate a healing for both.
In a safe, confidential and compassionate setting, I will guide you through the process of healing by using one or more of the RF tools such as: The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet, The Satori 7-Step Process, The Self-Forgiveness Worksheet and other processes that are designed to create an energetic shift around one or more situations. Of course, there is some homework required on your part to support me in determining how best to guide you.
The other way in which Radical Forgiveness Coaching differs from therapy is that, normally, no more than six (6) sessions are required to guide you to a place of freedom because the RF Tools are simple step-by-step processes that work almost instantaneously.
Here are a few ways in which you may utilize my services:



Work with me in my Sacramento Office or in a city where i am presenting and allow me to guide you through the process in a safe, confidential, compassionate and comfortable setting.

Work with me from any location by telephone, and you can expect the same results as in-person coaching. Fees may be paid online, by mail with a check or by telephone with a credit card.

Audio or Video Coaching calls on Skype to anywhere in the world. Schedule your apointment, pay in advance at our online registration page and call at your appointed time. Almost as great as being in the office for a face-to-face. Simply download Skype ( for free, follow their easy-to-use set up instructions, test your camera and sound, search for "Sheila Gautreaux-Lee" in the Skype Directory, send a request to be added as a Contact and you're ready to go.
Now you can enjoy the benefit of experiencing the Satori 7-Step Process, which was only available in face-to-face Coaching sessions. This very powerful closed-eye cellular-level process for forgiving any person or situation has an instant effect upon you at all levels: Mind, Body and Spirit.
Rev. Sheila Gautreaux 916-549-3214