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As an Interfaith Minister Rev. Sheila Gautreaux-Lee offers a variety of services in addition to her Forgiveness Ministry; such as Weddings, Recommitment Ceremonies, Sacred Unions, Christenings, Funerals, Memorial Services, House Blessings, Pet Blessings and more. . .


Weddings & Other Unions
Wedding Ceremony
Let us create the ceremony of your dreams that will live in your heart and memory long after the cake is gone and the dress has been packed away. Using your life as the foundation, we will design a wedding service that reflects the interests, preferences and life-style of the couple. Whether you choose to marry in a church, chapel, on the beach or in a Hot-Air Balloon, the words you speak to each other and the committment you make on that special day is the most important aspect of your wedding day.


Recommitment Ceremony


Reaffirming your love for each other is a very powerful event in your life and in the lives of your family and friends. It serves as a reminder that love lasts and that celebrating the endurance of a marriage strengthens the couple and their supporting community. It is important that the ceremony surrounding that reaffirmation be as strong and lasting as your marriage.


Sacred Unions


The love and committment of same-sex couples deserves a sacred, powerful and truly memorable ceremony. Your love light shines as a beacon in your community and a symbol for family and friends that, where two hearts are joined faithfully, God blesses all unions. Your ceremony should reflect the strength of that union and we will design with you one that will be remembered for many years to come.




In your time of grief, you want to have a compassionate, supportive minister to make this difficult time as easy and as meaningful as humanly possible. Let us create a funeral or memorial service that truly reflects the life of your loved one and comforts the hearts of family and friends who mourn their passing.
Let us bless your beautiful new home with friends and family gathered to celebrate with you. Begin your life there with a sacred foundation.
Got a new pet, or even a old pet, that you want us to bless? We'll be happy to bless your little furry, feathered or scaly best friend. Having a community event? Have people bring their pets to be blessed and, for a Love Offering of any denomination, we'll perform the blessing and give each family a small medal of St. Francis to commemorate the blessing. There are some exceptions, of course. Rev. Sheila is terrified of snakes. . .so that's out. Also, we don't clean up after elephants. Other than that, the sky's the limit.
We will also bless your business, office, boat, car, motorcycle or any other location or vehicle you wish. There are exceptions, of course.


Rev. Sheila Gautreaux 916-549-3214