A Wonderful Year

It has been a wonderful year and, yet, a challenging year as I settled into my new location, new jobs, new relationships and new spiritual abilities. We speak of growth and embracing the changes in our lives as opportunities for that growth to occur; however, sometimes that growth is painful.

We can see the beauty and perfection as we push through the sludge that sometimes accompanies this growth, but while the sludge is all around us it doesn't look or feel so perfect. There have been ups and downs this year but the results are amazing as I review the successes that resulted from stretching my capacity to fulfill my purpose and the roles that make up the components of that purpose.

I look to my New Year, which began on Nov 11 with excited anticipation. My goal: A strong, loving, committed, powerful relationship. I share this not as one seeking but as a demonstration that it is okay for me to want that and be vulnerable by putting it out there.

Happy New Year my beautiful Brothers and Sisters. Thank you for all you have been for and with me this year. I wish for you great love, boundless joy, perfect peace and unlimited abundance. I do love you so much.